About us

A college kid in 2010 saw a need in the market and set out to fill it.


Initially, the website served just as an online advertisement for alcohol delivery, and only a small number of drivers were involved. Take a moment to think back to 2001, when the Internet was starting:

  • Google was just five years old.
  • Compaq produced the Compaq Presario.
  • McAfee introduced the first anti-virus software.
  • Microsoft introduced the original Xbox.
  • Wikipedia was created.

We immediately saw the promise of the Internet, and within a year, we had a fully functional online store. In 2012, the first global system for delivering alcoholic beverages via the Internet became operational.


Our goal from day one has been to improve the image of an industry that has been there for a while but hasn’t always been perceived favourably by bringing order, strength, trust, and excellent service. Every business in Ontario goes by “Dial A Bottle,” but there are many of them. Dial A Bottle has become as ubiquitous as Kleenex in our culture that it has become a general term for the service. You will reach a different business each time you dial a Bottles number.


We’ve grown to become Canada’s most popular alcohol delivery business and plan to keep it that way. We have the finest deals, discounts, and free samples of any Canadian delivery service because we work with hundreds of brands to get them to our consumers. Plus, unlike the competition, we do not mark up our pricing by 20-30%. The only price you’ll see from us is for the delivery.


Stay tuned and allow us to assist you in planning your party, beverages with dinner, or peaceful evening.



Happy drinking, and I hope to see you again soon!